Training programs and presentations

As an experienced management trainer, John needs no persuading that an organisation’s investment in legal traning can pay off hugely, based an the precept that “prevention is better than cure”. Costly legal “stuff ups” invariably stem from ignorance not intention. Regrettably, ignorance of the law is, as they say, no excuse.

To that end, John has developed a suite of programs and presentations designed to raise the awareness of managers and supervisor with respect to their legal obligation in the workplace.

Some one day programs have included:

  • The Legal Aspects of Performance Management
  • Employment Law: Practical Applications
  • The Dynamics of Enterprise Bargaining
  • The Fair Work Act 2009

Shorter presentations have touched upon the role of the modern award, good-faith bargaining, equal opportunity and sexual harassment and workplace heath and safety issues.
John’s traning programs can be further tailored to meet the specific needs of the workplace and presented in-house or at a conference facility.

The most frequent comment made by attendees at John’s training events is the revelation that legal training can be highly entertaining as well as highly enlightening!

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